Ecuador needs your help <3

On Saturday night at 8:24 pm a 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Ecuador’s northwestern coast with cities life Pedernales, Manta, Portoviejo and fishing towns suffering the most damage. The effects could be felt in the capital, Quito, and into parts of Peru and Colombia. This has been one of the strongest tectonic events in decades in a zone full of volcanic activity because of the Pacific Ring of Fire.

In an interview this morning, the mayor of Pedernales mentioned that almost 80% of the city is destroyed and that almost every building higher that 4 floor has critical damage. There’s not official information about the situation in small towns. At the moment the official report counts 370 buildings destroyed.

The death toll stood at least 443 people, 4027 injured and 231 are still missing, social media is getting full of post of people looking for their relatives.

The entire country is under state of emergency (COE). USD 35 million have been designated for the emergency. After the president Rafael Correa declared the emergency during his trip to Rome. He has returned this afternoon to the city of Manta at 6:30 pm. 

The service of water has been seriously compromised and the electric service cannot be reestablish because of the big damage of the network. The vice president Jorge Glas mentioned that oil refineries and dams are under control. The classes have been cancelled and mayors like Jorge Nebot (Guayaquil) have suggested employers to give day off to their staff.

The good heart of many Ecuadoreans has placed into action with thousands of donations coming from the main cities like Quito. The international help is coming from countries like Mexico, Venezuela and Spain. Many charities and NGO’s are collecting donations to help.

YOU CAN HELP ECUADOR! Here’s a list of different verified organizations you can donate: 


SVA Ecuadorian Students NYC (Click Here)

We are three Ecuadorian students from DSI - MFA in Design for Social Innovation at SVA have started this fundraising to help the victims of the earthquake. All contributions are going to be donated to the Red Cross in Ecuador. All Ecuador needs is your help.