Non Traditional Intentions

Let me explain you how an amazing day looks like for me. Wednesday 10th 8:10 am: I woke up and realized I didn't hear the alarm and I couldn't start my day as I planned the night before. - What a shame! - I think. Then I realized that actually that’s a problem because I wouldn't have enough time to digest my breakfast and what if we have a upside down movement in my crossfit class – I don’t want to throw up! Maybe I should sleep more because my bed is still warm. But wait a minute, I still have 50 minutes to get ready so I decide to stand up and get a big cup of coffee with my breakfast.

I am having breakfast: a ham and vegetables omelet, protein fruit smoothie, bread and orange jam and, the coffee, of course. I have the mug in front of my nose and I realize this black liquid is doing its effect, I panic and realize I just started drinking coffee couple months ago. Before that I didn't need or crave for it. I feel old while I’m holding the cup. Then I feel sore in my shoulders and remember it was because of the workout I did yesterday or maybe the zika virus. I remember that is a tropical decease and we are in winter. I calm down. - What an amazing body you have Rodrigo! – It’s the best body I’ve ever had in my life. And I feel proud. Did I take my pill? I browse around and don’t see it. It’s a habit now, but what if I’m hiding the pills without even noticing, what if one day I found them all under my bed!

Shut up Rodrigo! You only have 5 minutes to take all your stuff and leave. Luckily you packed your bag last night. The first moment I open the front door, I see how beautiful is outside: the air is cold but really fresh, the trees are naked of leaves but look amazing, and the sun light is just perfect. – Yay – I started walking to the subway station. 

That guy in the black sweat pants is totally capable to use the stairs to go down, why the elevator! The train is there. I open the game I’m playing in my phone and realize it’s not connecting to the server, OMG! New York City why don’t you have connection everywhere! I decided to check my emails and calendar, even though I know there’s no change on it. The train stops in the middle of nowhere – “Ladies and gentlemen we are delayed because of train traffic ahead of us. We apologize for any inconvenience.” – Fuckers! Liars! There’s no traffic ahead us when you stop for the train behind you to pass you! – I realized I'm underground and don't know where exactly I am, I wish I could see the mountains of Quito – and suddenly the train opens its doors on Franklin Avenue.

I have to walk around 8 blocks to get to my crossfit gym or “box”, the way crossfitters call it. I get there and I chance my winter clothes to my crossfit apparel: Blue tights, shorts, red t-shirt and shoes. I go to the platform and read through the workout. It is written in the white board with blue marker. 

It is just crazy: A baseline time test of: 500 m rowing (I've skipped many workouts because of this movement), 40 squats, 30 sit-ups, 20 push-ups, 10 Pull Ups (everything has to be done under a 10 Minute CAP). But that’s not the actual workout, it’s just the part we develop strength, it is just the warm up for the real workout. I say to myself – You’re not going to do it, but now you’re here! Stupid Rodrigo – So basically my mind switches to a “go for it mode”. I just don’t think, and do it. No worries about school, life, the zika virus, or my thesis about anxiety. 5:49 minutes and I finish the first part. Well, rowing wasn't that bad, I kinda like it now that I’ve learnt to breath and control the movement.

November 14th 2014! My first #muscleup! #tbt #crossfit #crossfitter #meowpower #progress

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My fist muscle up in Crow Hill Crossfit on November 14th 2014

Underwater #pistol #crossfit #GoPro #canada #quiteñoinnyc

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Last summer in Canada I did a pistol underwater

There is no time for resting or thinking because my coach Dan is explaining the workout of the day or WOD: Metcon (Metabolic Conditioning). Move as fast as possible and do 1K Rowing, 40 pistols, 30 toes to bar, 20 handstand pushups, 10 muscle-ups. I think everything is doable except the muscle-ups. Rowing is long but easy. Pistols, I just realize it takes extra time to set each leg before I go down, so I decide to do 5 before I switch legs. Toes to bar, I can kill it! I’m really fast but I don’t; want to burn myself, I divide the movement into three sets of 10 reps. Handstand pushups are easy with kipping, I rest after the first ten. Finally, the scary muscle-ups, I’ve had so many bruises, dry skin and week long sore because of them- Last year I was doing so well with them but last time at the beginning of January I couldn't do more than one- I remember to myself. Go for it mode! The first two I kill them; third and fourth I need to breath; next two are a sign for my body to stop, seventh and eighth make me to kick with my legs to an imaginary floor. Ninth, my elbows work slightly in desynchronization. Finally, the tenth is a mix of cheering from voices I recognize, leg kicking and strength I don’t know where is it coming from. On the top of the rings I see the watch: 14:36 minutes! – Where is the floor? Just be careful to fall well – the last order I give to my body before laid down on the floor.

OMG! I finished!  


To be continued…