#QuiteñoinNYC and the Snow


Where I am coming from, snow is something you only see on American TV show and grotesque plastic snowflakes on Christmas. Basically, living in Ecuador means you are living exactly in the middle of the equator (yes, the words sound similar but one is the line and the other is us). Our weather is amazing, it is like an eternal spring with tropical fruits all year long and with no real season changes. In my city, Quito, you have to ready for everything in the same day: a cold morning (35F), a hot noon (80F), rain afternoon and more cold at night. 

However, when you move to another location in the globe the situation is totally different, specially with the idea of the seasons. Living in NYC has been a real life lesson about the power of nature. Of course it's a city but its dynamics are totally different from summer to winter and you wear and feel that difference.

With this in mind, I just want to share how amazed I was after Jonas, the blizzard that gave us enough snow to walk in zombi mode (open legs and non agile movements). Last Sunday I decided to go to Prospect Park in Brooklyn to check what was happening. The first image I have was hundreds of people just having fun, specially kids. My face basically changed to notorious smile. OMG! I could feel the muscles in my jaw just having an amazing time. I kept walking and took some pictures of Michael, play with the snow, see anima life and basically living a great cold dream. I was so happy because a lot of people where happy around me, and those moments will be engraved in my mind forever. 

Pure happiness! #QuiteñoinNYC #snow #snowangel #Brooklyn #prospectpark

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Urban fauna! #swan #lake #goprovideo #gopro #hd #sunset #sundown #nyc

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