Harlem First: Mapping the Health of a Community

Today I had the chance to assist to the Opening Reception of the show. It's a small but powerful exhibition that shows the daily life of an active community in NYC. If you have the chance to go, you will have the change to listen the neighborhood and learn about people's stories.

Here there's more information about the expo:

MFA Design for Social Innovation, The Arnhold Institute for Global Health, and the PopTech Institute are partnering to create a new way to understand and address the health needs of a community.

Harlem First. Mapping the Health of a Community, opening reception last night!

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Community mapping is a process through which citizens in the community participate in the collection of their own data as well as the creation of solutions. This initiative will be a unique opportunity to bring them together with designers, community leaders, data scientists and healthcare professionals to co-create a new future of health.

The Harlem First initiative will consist of: an exhibit of student-designed interpretive maps of the neighborhood that will focus on various forces at work there; an interactive project room, where participants will gather to develop ideas; facilitated work sessions with a mix of participants; a master class for community members and design students with one of the foremost community mappers in the world, currently working in Nairobi; and a symposium on learning from this experience – how and where it fits into the larger questions of health in America and around the world.

Exhibit:   January 11th – February 1st